The European Commission has published a speech by Charlie McCreevy (European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services) at the European Parliament's Internal Market Committee. In his speech Mr McCreevy discusses the Commission's "Communication on a Single Market for 21st century Europe”.

In his speech Mr McCreevy states that the Commission is not proposing an extensive legislative programme. The Commission's objective is to help markets work better for small firms and consumers and this will be done by a mixture of instruments including legislation and voluntary codes.

Mr McCreevy then refers to the following priorities:

  • The Commission's first priority is retail financial services and it will focus on retail customers.
  • The Commission's second priority is small firms. According to Mr McCreevy in 2008 the Commission will present a proposal for a European Company Statute offering entrepreneurs a simpler way to create a company throughout the EU.
  • The Commission's third priority is governance. In the single market review the "importance of strengthening and improving administrative cooperation" between national authorities responsible for the single market was stressed as was the need to develop an international dimension to the single market policy.

View Speech by Commissioner McCreevy at the European Parliament's Internal Market Committee (IMCO), 21 November 2007