A Philippine-based music download site, claimed to be a notorious piracy hotspot is making media waves. The music industry’s US umbrella organization, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has pointed the finger at www.thedigitalpinoy.org as among the most notorious digital piracy markets in the world. Digital Pinoy, which operates as a discussion forum is geared to infringing music the RIAA has said. It has made a submission to the USTR which is conducting an out-of-cycle review of notorious piracy markets.

Digital Pinoy permits its 117,000 members to access content to download music via the many illegal links posted on the forum. Members need points to ‘buy’ the music. They earn points by replying to posts and submitting download links or song lyrics in the forum. Large amounts of illegal music can be downloaded from the links. There are also instructions on how to obtain files from various global cyberlocker sites which are sources of illegal music, so the links can then be posted on Digital Pinoy's forum.

RIAA has been sending takedown notices to Digital Pinoy, but few downloads have been removed they say. Presumably by making a big fuss and identifying it in the USTR’s list of notorious markets, they hope the IP authorities in Manila will now start to look at it.