Organic food producers, processors, traders and suppliers must prepare for a new set of laws and regulations, should the possibility of a no-deal Brexit eventuate. The government has published advice to industry to prepare for a raft of changes to the certification of organic food products. 

The UK will have its own set of laws governing the trading, processing, production and labelling of organic food, following its departure from the EU. Standards will remain similar to the EU’s and any food registered as organic in the EU will be recognised as organic in the UK. However, it is up to the EU to decide whether to continue accepting food registered as organic in the UK.

Following Brexit, UK exporters will be unable to export organic food to the EU, unless

  •  The UK and the EU agree to recognise each other’s organic food standards; or
  •  The UK control body is authorised by the EU to certify UK products for export to the EU. 

For more information about the new laws and regulations, click here.