Alongside its Business Plan, FSA published its usual consultation on fees and levies. For many large firms, fees will increase, although FSA says over 10,000 smaller firms will pay less than this year. FSA’s proposed 2009/10 Annual Funding Requirement and fees are both around £100 million more than last year and the FSCS total, which was only £30.7 million last year, is now £641.5 million. FSA’s consultations last year on use of special project fees got positive responses, with most respondents supporting their use. During the year, FSA will also be setting up its PSD register and setting fees for payment service providers. The paper includes proposed fees and explanations for changes for authorised firms and other bodies, UKLA-related fees and special project fees. The consultation also looks at FSCS management expenses levy limits and the FOS general levy. Comments are due by 9 March on some aspects of the proposals and by 6 April on all other proposals.