The English heavy metal band Iron Maiden was founded in London in 1975 by bassist and songwriter Steve Harris. The band still exists and will be touring again this year. Recently, the band filed a lawsuit in the United States, at a court in Illinois, against the illegal use of the IRON MAIDEN brand on the internet.


Iron Maiden filed the lawsuit on January 23 last. According to the band, its rights on the brand IRON MAIDEN and the logo of the band are infringed. The band says they feel compelled to take this step to protect the fans and buyers of the products, which are not authorized and therefore purchase counterfeit products from internet shops. The internet shops are arranged in such a way that they appear to have a sales license from Iron Maiden.


Iron Maiden has its own webshop in which she sells all kinds of merchandise items with the band name. The band closely monitors the quality of the products and believes that the infringers harm the goodwill and reputation of the band by delivering products of a lower quality.

Iron Maiden demands cessation of the sale of products bearing its brand, transfer of the domain names of the infringers, two million dollars compensation and payment of the profits made.

License contracts

It sometimes seems attractive to take part in the success of artists, athletes or film stars, but there is a risk that the rightful claimants will act against unlawful use of their intellectual property. If you have a commercially attractive plan, it is better to sit down with the rightful claimant at the earliest possible stage to see if you can obtain permission for use or a license .