Male Claimant, aged 46 years, was prescribed Linezolid by Defendant Trust’s hospital for an infected wound. He was readmitted five days later suffering from severe anaemia, peripheral oedema and haemoglobin count of 4.2. Claimant was incorrectly advised he was suffering from leukaemia and would die within a year, but it was subsequently discovered that he was actually suffering from peripheral neuropathy believed to have been caused by prolonged and unmonitored administration of Linezolid.

Claimant alleged negligence in prescribing Linezolid as he did not have MRSA, and for failing to monitor blood results weekly in accordance with BNF guidelines. Liability not disputed.

Claimant suffered neuropathy in arms and severe neuropathy in his legs and a common peroneal nerve palsy in left knee. His gait became abnormal causing him to fall frequently. He had previously worked as an engineer but his injury caused restrictions due to difficulties climbing ladders. Symptoms were likely to be permanent and he was likely to require further knee surgery with a risk of above knee amputation. He also suffered psychological injuries after being advised he only had a year to live.

Out of court settlement: £175,000 (estimated General Damages: £60,000).

Lucy MacKinnon instructed by Withy King for the Claimant. Katie Gollop instructed by Bevan Brittan LLP for the Defendant.