Ordinance no. 30-A/2019, of 23 January, was officially published, which approves the new filling instructions of the monthly payment declaration (“DMR”) to be submitted by debtor entities regarding employment income and withholding taxes obtained by resident taxpayers in Portugal, according to article 119 (11) (d) of the Portuguese Personal Income Tax Code (“PIT”). 

In accordance to the Portuguese Budget Law for 2019, the new filling instructions included a reference to the enlargement of the exclusion of unprofessional sport agents income taxation, according to article 12 (5) (b) of PIT, as well as to the tax regime applicable to ex-residents for the purposes of article 12-A of PIT as from 1 January 2019.

The referred Ordinance revokes the former filling instructions of Ordinance no. 40/2018 of 31 January and entered into force today.