Hop'n Moose is a so-called 'brewpub'. The small-scale American brewery / pub has been selling its beer of the same name for some time in neighboring stores. The Canadian brewery Moosehead is of the opinion that there is a likelihood of confusion since in both brands the name 'moose' and a picture of a moose is used. Moosehead has gone to court and accuses Hop'n Moose of trademark infringement.


Moosehead Breweries from Saint John in New Brunswick, Canada, is a brewery that was founded in 1867 and has been renamed Moosehead since 1947. It is the only independent brewery in Canada. The moose has been an icon of Moosehead for decades. The company has various brand registrations of the word mark MOOSE and MOOSEHEAD and also has (word) figurative marks with the image of a stylized moose.

Hop’n Moose

The American company Hop'n Moose from Rutland, Vermont, has been operating since 2014 and since this year has been selling its beer under the Hop'n Moose brand through other channels as well. Although Moosehead is generally in favor of small start-up breweries, it believes that Hop'n Moose infringes on its rights, which it can apply to both Canada and the United States because it has established its brands in both countries.

Moosehead tried to settle the issue amicably, but that did not work and that is why the company went to court for trademark infringement . Moosehead indicates that the door is still ajar to arrange the matter. However, Hop'n Moose does not want to change his name / logo.

The Canadian brewery has conducted various lawsuits in recent years against breweries that also used an image of a stylized moose in their logo. All these cases could be successfully concluded, so it is expected that Hop'n Moose will also get a cover.