The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Office of Data and Technology has rolled out enhancements to its portal through which certain reporting traders are required to file CFTC Form 40s. The enhancements include introduction of a wizard-style format to allow users to navigate through different sections of the form; an autosave feature, and the ability to generate a PDF version of a finally submitted form. (CFTC Form 40 requires information regarding a reporting trader including name, address and contact person; the identities of persons that own (10 percent or more interest) or control the reporting trader, and subsidiaries (10 percent or more interest) of the reporting trader that engage in derivatives trading. Click here to access a sample Form 40.) Separately, the National Futures Association will add to information it requires electronically from introducing brokers regarding certain financial statement balances and audited and consolidated financial statement filed through EasyFile or Winjammer. This information — that previously was collected subsequent to electronic filings through questions asked by NFA staff — will be added to September 30, 2017 filings.