OTC derivatives regulators report on cross-border issues: Ahead of the November 2014 G20 Leaders Summit, the OTC Derivatives Regulators Group (ODRG) has published an update of its work on issues surrounding cross-border implementation of OTC derivatives reforms. The report notes that the ODRG continues to work on the issues of branches and affiliates and the recognition of third country organised trading platforms. The report attaches an annex on progress made by the ODRG members as regards equivalence and substituted compliance assessments, and a letter from the ODRG to FSB's Chairman on barriers to reporting to trade repositories, in particular those related to bank secrecy and data protection laws. In that letter ODRG asks FSB for a clear statement that jurisdictions have to remove such barriers and requests a deadline after which the masking of counterparty information in trade reports would not be permitted. (Source: ODRG Report

FSB updates on long-term finance: FSB has updated its report to the G20 on the impact of regulatory reform on the supply of long-term investment finance. Recent monitoring work has comprised consultation with FSB members, the private sector and the FSB Regional Consultative Groups, and has so far found little evidence or data suggesting that regulatory reforms have had adverse consequences on the provision of long-term finance. FSB's monitoring has also highlighted the lack of consistent data.  For that reason, FSB is working alongside other institutions to develop a set of key quantitative indicators that would allow comparison across jurisdictions. (Source: Update on Long-Term Finance)