On November 13th, Rudy Giuliani sat down with Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union” to discuss the President-elect’s policies. Giuliani has been an adviser to Donald Trump throughout his campaign and is currently the vice chairman of the President-elect’s transition team. On Sunday, he discussed what policy changes Trump is planning to make in the transition from his campaign to his presidency. During the hour long interview, Giuliani touched on some key immigration issues. He said there would not be a complete Muslim ban in the United States, and instead there “would be extreme vetting.” The Washington Post covered the CNN interview and discussed how Trump’s stance on “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims” has softened since President-elect Trump first used those words last December. While it is still unclear what “extreme vetting” would entail, Giuliani said Muslims would be allowed into the United States if their home countries let immigration officials thoroughly examine the migrants. Giuliani added that with six countries: Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen, “we have to be very careful.”