Special Protection for Employees with Diabetes

New Legislation Enacted

Law N° 30867, enacted on November 9, 2018, mandates that diabetes and/or its sequels cannot be an impediment to start a new job and cannot be used as a reason to terminate an employment relationship.

Referential Guidelines for Pay Equity

New Regulation or Official Guidance

Through Ministerial Resolution N° 243-2018-TR, the Labor and Employment National Authority approved guidelines for employers to evaluate job positions, and define job categories and functions. This is a mandatory obligation under Law N° 30709, which prohibits salary discrimination between women and men. The guidelines, which seek remuneration equality, are focused on job categories, salary policies, and salary equality measures.

Virtual System to Process Foreign Employee Work Contracts

New Regulation or Official Guidance

On November 14, 2018, the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion approved Ministerial Resolution N° 291-2018-TR, which implements the use of the Foreign Employee Work Contract Virtual System (SIVICE). With SIVICE, the approval, extension and modification of the work contract with foreign employees is automatic. This means that the employer and the employee no longer will wait five days for the Labor National Authority to issue an authorization.

Tax Unit for 2019

New Regulation or Official Guidance

As of January 1, 2019, the new Tax Unit (UIT) in Peru is S/ 4,200.00 (approximately USD $1,257.50). It is important to consider this modification as the UIT forms the basis to calculate various concepts (such as administrative fines, for example).