On March 4, FHFA Acting Director Edward DeMarco sketched out the FHFA's plans for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises) in 2013. These measures implement the Strategic Plan issued in February 2012 that identified three goals for the Enterprises: (i) build a new infrastructure for the secondary market, (ii) contract the Enterprises' presence in the secondary market, and (iii) maintain foreclosure prevention activities. In 2013, the FHFA expects to support its first goal by creating an independent business entity that will serve as a securitizing platform. To continue contracting the Enterprises' presence, the FHFA (i) has asked each Enterprise to conduct risk sharing transactions to meet a target of $30 billion of unpaid principal balance in credit risk sharing transactions, (ii) plans to continue increasing guarantee fees, (iii) aims to reduce multifamily business volume by 10 percent, and (iv) plans to sell five percent of the less liquid portion of the enterprises retained portfolios. Finally, on foreclosure prevention, the FHFA expects to (i) enhance the post-delivery quality control practices and transparency associated with the new representation and warranty framework, and (ii) work to complete representation and warranty demands for pre-conservatorship loan activity. In addition to making strides on the three prongs of its Strategic Plan, the FHFA plans to (i) update master policies and formulate eligibility standards for mortgage insurance, and (ii) develop a set of aligned standards for force placed insurance.