Last week, Germany’s Federal Minister of Transport, Alexander  Dobrindt, presented a new draft law introducing a car toll and allowing  for recordings of vehicle number plates for the purpose of electronic  toll payment. The draft law allows a state organ to collect, process  and use various kinds of data, including the vehicle number plate,  name, bank details and address of the vehicle owner and the place  and time of payment. The Ministry has said that access to this data is  needed to check the conditions of the right to reimbursement provided  by the draft law and has offered assurances that the data will not be  transmitted to other state authorities or used for any other purposes.  Many privacy lawyers and activists however are very sceptical about  the constitutionality of the draft fearing that it effectively introduces  a driver surveillance system. It is likely that the draft law will be  challenged in the German Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG). 

German media news item – October 2014