On 27 January 2015 the EU published updates to its sanctions regimes for Syria and the Ivory Coast.

In respect of Syria, the Council of the EU has re-listed Aiman Jaber, Khaled Kaddour, Mohammed Hamcho and the company Hamcho International under new statements of reasons, following annulment of the sanctions against them by the General Court in November 2014 (Cases T-653/11, T-654/11 and T-43/12). The Council has published the updated Council Implementing Decision (CFSP) 2015/117 and Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/108, as well as a notice pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 informing the listed entities that the controller for data protection purposes is the Council of the EU.

In respect of the Ivory Coast, the EU has published the Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/109 and Council Implementing Decision (CFSP) 2015/118. This implements the decision of the UN Sanctions Committee of 20 November 2014 to delete Alcide Djédjé from the Ivory Coast sanctions list.