CSMS# 16-000814 dated September 13, 2016, released scenarios (updated on September 8, 2016) to the Hanjin Shipping Co. bankruptcy filing. Hanjin Shipping Co., one of the world’s largest shipping lines, recently filed for court receivership in South Korea. In anticipation of possible disruptions due to Hanjin Shipping vessels or cargo arriving to U.S. ports, CBP provided guidance to processing scenarios to help trade and CBP identify procedures to follow to prevent disruptions. The scenarios cover the following situations:

  • Scenario 1: Vessel Diverted to Foreign Port and Discharged
  • Scenario 1a: Hanjin Vessel Diverted to Foreign Port Not Discharged
  • Scenario 2: Hanjin Vessel Diverted to Another U.S. Port and Discharged
  • Scenario 2a: Hanjin Vessel Diverted to Another U.S. Port Not Discharged
  • Scenario 3: Hanjin Vessel Rests at Anchor and Not Diverted
  • Scenario 4: In-bond (IT and T&E) cargo already in the U.S. moving under Hanjin’s bond to U.S. port for entry or export
  • Scenario 5: Entry has been filed, cargo has been released by CBP but terminal operator will not allow it to leave the terminal due to payment issues. Importers are requesting entry cancellations to avoid payment of duties etc. based on the 10 day entry summary clock.
  • Scenario 6: Cargo for export has been loaded on board a foreign flagged vessel at a U.S. port. Vessel is now at a subsequent U.S. port and to avoid issues, the exporter/carrier is requesting permission to unload the export cargo in the U.S.