Internal Revenue Service Ruling No. 1,408, of 11.04.2013, published on 11.05.2013, sets forth the procedures for habilitation and cohabilitation to the Special Regime of Incentives to Develop Nuclear Plants (Renuclear), created by Sections 14 to 17 of Law No. 12,431, of June 24th, 2011. This regime grants to its beneficiaries suspension of Tax on Manufactured Products (IPI) and Import Duty (when there is no similar national product) on transactions related to the acquisition of new machinery, apparels, tools and equipments and of construction material to be used or incorporated to infrastructure works, destined to the beneficiary’s fixed assets.

(IRS Ruling No. 1408, 11.04.2013, Official Gazette of 11.05.2013 Available at: <>. Accessed in: Nov., 2013).