On 28 March, the Walloon government reached an agreement in principle intended to reform the system of green certificates for solar panels.
The basic principles, which must still be confirmed, are as follows. Effective 1 April 2013, the current - too costly - system of financial support for installations up to 10 kWc ("Solwatt") is terminated. Transitional rules are provided until the new system (Qualiwatt) can be implemented.
For existing installations, the increased costs of the Solwatt system will be handled as follows. The minimum price of a green certificate will remain €65 until the reimbursement in full of the installation. Subsequently, a non-speculative return of 7% will be guaranteed.
For future installations, the system of green certificates is replaced by a general guaranteed support mechanism, corresponding to the advantage obtained by running the meter counter-clockwise, in which case supplementary production may be added. The support is proportionate to the applicant's income. For the rest, the new system provides for a number of rules in order to guarantee the quality of installations.
The transitional rules provide that 1.5 green certificates per Mwh will be granted for a period of 10 years for capacity between 0 and 5 kWc and 1 green certificate per Mwh for subsequent capacity up to 10 kWc.
The details of the new system, which must still be discussed, as well as the transitional rules are expected to be adopted in summer 2013.