Defendant removed Cutrone v. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., No. 14-455 (2d Cir. Apr. 17, 2014), to federal court more than 90 days after it was filed.  The district court found removal untimely and remanded.  The Second Circuit reversed.  Following authority in a non-CAFA case, and joining the decisions of other circuits, the Second Circuit held that a defendant’s obligation to remove under CAFA is not triggered until the plaintiff serves an initial pleading or other paper that specifies the amount of monetary damages sought.  In this case, neither the complaint nor a later bill of particulars provided sufficient monetary specification.  The court held that a defendant also may remove a case when, upon its own independent investigation, it concludes the case is removable.  The court found this second basis for removal present in the case, concluded the defendant had timely removed based on its independent investigation, and reversed the remand to state court.