Denmark in brief

Denmark most digital country in the EU

Denmark tops the Digital Economy and Society Index 2017, providing excellent opportunities for testing and developing new technology. 94% of Danish citizens are online and actively engaged in the use of a variety of online services, making their digital skills highly advanced. Denmark also takes the lead in the use of digital technologies by businesses. More and more businesses have taken up cloud computing and social media. Furthermore, electronic sales by small and medium-sized enterprises are high.

New Danish national super hospitals ready for the future

The construction of five new national super hospitals with state-of-the-art health IT infrastructure is well underway in Denmark. In the near future, Denmark will have fewer, larger and more specialised hospitals, and the use of health IT will be intensified. The objective of the new hospital structure is to meet increasing demands to the public healthcare system and to improve the quality of patient care, while reducing public spending.

Singularity University establishes new organisation in Denmark

The acknowledged think tank and educational institution Singularity University from Silicon Valley has chosen Denmark as the location for its next collaborative venture. The new organisation, operating under the name SingularityU Denmark, will be located in a 5000 m2 innovative environment in Copenhagen Science City and is expected to boost digitisation, innovation and entrepreneurship in Denmark.

Copenhagen Airport expands for the future

Copenhagen Airport is one of Europe's fastest-growing airports. A new significant expansion plan will ensure the capacity and facilities to handle 40 million passengers annually and new routes, including 17 long-haul routes. With a total investment of around DKK 20bn, the expansion of Copenhagen Airport will be one of the largest privately financed construction projects in Danish history.

Facebook establishes large data centre in Odense

Following three years of confidential preparations with Danish authorities and business partners, the American IT-giant, Facebook, has decided to establish a 55,000 m2 data centre in Odense, Denmark. The decision follows Apple's billion-DKK investment in a data centre in Viborg in Western Denmark in 2015 and strengthens Denmark's position as an attractive location for global data centres.


Industry news

New rules for social responsibility in the construction industry

The Danish Association for Responsible Construction has now completed its new rules for social responsibility in the construction sector. The rules, comprising four paradigms, are designed to assist public as well as private-sector employers in actively incorporating social responsibility into tender documents and contracts. BechBruun has assisted in the drafting of the paradigms in collaboration with Horten law firm.