On January 27, 2011,we reported on a court’s application of the “nerve center” test to dismiss for lack of diversity of citizenship a case seeking the return of excess reinsurance deposit. The insurer alleged its domicile in the complaint, but failed to allege the location of its principal place of business. The nerve center was the “single place” where direction, control and coordination originated. The court earlier found that to be the state where the insurer’s president, secretary, and director were located, and not the state where most of the insurer’s board of directors and board meetings were located. The court has now denied the plaintiff’s motion to reconsider that finding, holding that plaintiff’s motion was “nothing more than a request for a second bite at the apple.” Health Facilities of California Mutual Insurance Co., Inc. v. British American Insurance Group, Ltd., Case No. CV 10-3736 (USDC C.D. Cal. April 5, 2011).