The Ontario Minister of Environment released the first Annual Report on Drinking Water on June 26, 2007. With its release Minister Broten stated that 103 of the 121 recommendations made by the Walkerton Commission have been implemented and the Ministry is currently working on implementing the final 18.

The report outlines the state of drinking water initiatives in the province, a key focus being the newly enacted Clean Water Act, 2006 and the Safeguarding and Sustaining Ontario's Water Act, 2007. The report reiterates the emphasis on inspection and enforcement in this sector. It also addresses recent government actions to expand water safety protection and reduce potential levels of lead in drinking water.

Emerging issues identified in the report include microbiological contamination, viruses, perfluorinates, pharmaceuticals, treatment by-products and cyanotoxins. The report indicates that these emerging pathogens and chemical pollutants will be an area of focus for the Ministry going forward.

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