On September 8, 2017, the Civil Execution Act Committee of the Legislative Council prepared the Interim Proposal for the Amendment of the Civil Execution Act ("Interim Proposal") and opened up the Interim Proposal for public comments until November 10, 2017. As mentioned in October 2016 issue, there has been some concern as to whether the new system would cause financial institutions to disclose debtor information concerning deposit or savings accounts ("Accounts") because of the practical difficulty of securing the attachment of such Accounts. The Interim Proposal expressly prescribes that: (i) upon petition by a creditor, an execution court can obtain certain information from financial institutions regarding the existence of Accounts and other items necessary to petition the attachment of such Accounts; and (ii) the procedure would substantially follow the procedure used for property disclosure under the same act. Future discussions by the Legislative Council should be continuously monitored to see how the outline of the bill will be prepared after accounting for the public comments.