The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has honored four winners in its first-ever Safety Apps Challenge. The proposals used the agency’s SaferProducts. gov and recalls application program interface to create mobile applications (apps) that would help consumers access CPSC recall and incident data. All are now available free of charge from various online sources.

The “Safety Checker” app provides access to incident and product recall information with a few taps—consumers can start the process by completing three fields about a product or can scan a product’s bar code to access CPSC information. The “Recall Pro” app “uses a Google Chrome extension and allows a consumer who is shopping to highlight a product for sale on the Web, right-click on the product, choose ‘RecallPro This,’ and have recall information displayed for that product.” The “Slice App” “organizes users’ email inboxes with everything they have bought online and alerts them to delivery progress, price changes or a recall of that product.” The “Total Recall 101” app also checks a user’s emails and archives “for references to products, including product receipts and conversations with friends,” and matches the products against CPSC’s recalled products list. It generates emails to alert users about recalls. See CPSC News Release, October 27, 2014.