The American Chemistry Council has filed a challenge to California’s proposal to list bisphenol A as a reproductive toxicant under Proposition 65 (Prop. 65), the law that requires labels on products containing substances “known to the state” to cause reproductive problems or cancer. Am. Chemistry Council v. Office of Envtl. Health Hazard Assessment, (Cal. Super. Ct., Sacramento Cnty., filed 3/1/13). California’s Health and Safety Code provides that a substance can be listed “if a body considered to be authoritative by [the state’s 13 qualified experts] has formally identified it as causing ... reproductive toxicity,” according to the council. The complaint asserts that the study on which the proposed listing relies does not formally identify bisphenol A as causing reproductive toxicity. Instead, it claims, the report concludes that current data provide only “limited evidence for adverse effects on development and more research is needed to better understand their implications for human health.”