One week after a California jury found Samsung liable for $1 billion in damages for alleged infringement of smart phone patents held by Apple, Inc., the Korean handset manufacturer scored a legal victory as a Japanese court rejected various patent claims that Apple had made against Samsung in that country. Rather than being construed as a key turn in fortune for Samsung, observers say that the ruling issued in Tokyo last Friday illustrates the extent to which the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung has developed into a global battle. Both the Japanese ruling and the jury verdict in the U.S. come in the midst of a third patent decision that was issued in South Korea in which the judge held both Apple and Samsung liable for various technology infringements. Meanwhile, Apple and Samsung, which, together, command more than 50% of the global smart phone market, are continuing to pursue each other in various legal venues throughout the world. Specifically, the Tokyo court determined that Galaxy smart phones and tablet PCs manufactured by Samsung did not infringe upon Apple technology patents that pertain to the synchronization of music and videos between devices and servers. Apple, which offered no comment on the court’s ruling, is continuing to seek injunctive relief in a separate Japanese lawsuit against the sale of Galaxy devices that are alleged to violate Apple “bounce-back” patents that come into play when a user scrolls to the end of a list on the Apple iPhone or iPad. Samsung has also filed a patent complaint against Apple in Japan, claiming infringement of patented Samsung technologies in the design of both the iPhone and the iPad.