With online television increasing in popularity, more and more businesses need TV licences, even if there is not a TV set on the premises.

It is drawn to businesses’ attention that if staff watch or record live TV in the workplace whether it be on a TV set, computer, mobile phone or DVD player, and they do not have a TV licence, the employer may be committing an offence and risks a fine of up to £1,000. This means, for example that employees should not be streaming from iPlayer if the employer does not have a TV licence.

A TV licence is not required for TV watched on employees’ own personal devices as long as the device is purely powered by its internal batteries. Note that if the device is plugged into the mains on the business premises, a TV licence may be necessary. An employer does not need a TV license for devices that are solely used for CCTV or playing DVDs, or for watching ‘catch-up’ TV or video clips, for example YouTube.

A single TV licence usually covers all TV’s and other devices used at a single site. Employers who allow staff to watch TV at more than one site may be required to have a Company Group TV Licence