In this English case, the claimant reinsurer, Markel, applied for the UK equivalent of summary judgment against two defendant German reinsureds, seeking a declaration that it was not liable under a contract of reinsurance. The primary issue was whether the contract provided in a claims cooperation clause that it was a condition precedent to any liability under it that if the reinsureds knew of any circumstances which may give rise to a claim against them, they should advise Markel within thirty days. Conflicting evidence was submitted as to whether the parties had agreed to the clause as suggested by Markel. Consequently, the court stated it was unable to accept Markel’s submission that there should be summary judgment since the issue involved questions of fact to be determined at trial. The court further addressed the separate issue of whether knowledge of the manager of the reinsurance pool (VOV) amounted to knowledge of the reinsureds for purposes of the claims cooperation clause. The court rejected Markel’s construction of the clause, holding that under the terms expressed, knowledge of VOV would not be imputed. Summary judgment was denied on all issues. Markel Capital Ltd. v. Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG [2008] EWHC 2517 (Comm. Oct. 24, 2008).