The SA Magistrates Court has acquitted a company of a safety charge in Perry v Exactmix Pty Ltd [2014] SAIRC 7 (6 March 2014).  The charge relates to an incident in April 2011 in which a mobile plant operator had the top of his finger cut off and sustained other hand injuries after he and his supervisor tried to manually clear a blockage in the machine by throwing rocks.  Safe Work SA failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the company failed to ensure, so far as was reasonably practicable, that its employee was safe from injury and risks to health while at work.  Magistrate Ardlie held that the company ‘at no time endorsed, encouraged, promoted or even suggested that blockages were to be overcome by manual means’; blockages were meant to be overcome by mechanical means; and what the worker and supervisor did was contrary to their training and the supervisor’s responsibilities.