HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has updated its Registered Pension Schemes Manual (RPSM). Below is a summary of the main changes that have been made:

  • most of the changes to RPSM have been made to reflect the fact that a new tribunal structure is now responsible for hearing appeals of HMRC decisions;
  • the RPSM has been updated to include clearer and more detailed explanation of how an employer can make a pension scheme contribution that includes an asset transfer;  
  • the RPSM has been updated to clarify that members who are over the age of 50 but below 55 and take their benefits before 6 April 2010 can continue to receive those benefits after 6 April 2010, however if they wish to take further benefits after 5 April 2010 they will need to reach the normal minimum pension age of 55 (this reflects the fact that from 6 April 2010 the normal minimum pension age will increase from 50 to 55 except where the transitional provisions apply);  
  • a new page has been inserted on the application process for relief at source for pensions contributions where applications are made online or the employer auto-enrols the individual into the scheme;  
  • the RPSM pages has been changed to clarify that relief at source cannot be claimed until the member’s information is supplied to the scheme; and  
  • a new page has been inserted on information that scheme administrators of schemes that operate a relief at source have to send to HMRC.