PADEP loses an additional $37 million in the state budget that the Senate passed yesterday and Governor Corbett is expected to sign into law later this week.  Given the steep cuts imposed on PADEP over the last few years, $37 million seems more manageable, but it will still inflict additional pain on a Department that we all rely on to protect the Commonwealth's environment.   The cuts are very ably broken down in a posting on Dave Hess' blog.  The cuts are as follows: 

Environmental Protection

  • Total General Fund Appropriations: $135.4 million, decrease of $10 million
  • General Government Operations: $10.7 million, decrease of $2.3 million
  • Environmental Program Management: $28 million, decrease of $1.4 million
  • Environmental Protection Operations: $78.1 million, decrease of $1.3 million
  • Chesapeake Bay Agricultural Source Abatement: $2.7 million, decrease of $76,000
  • Flood Control Projects: zeroed out, decrease of $3.4 million
  • Sewage Facilities Planning Grants: $779,000, decrease of $87,000
  • Sewage Facilities Enforcement Grants: $2.5 million, decrease of $49,000
  • Conservation Districts: $2.8 million, decrease of $29,000