A private foundation is a powerful tool for charitable giving.

It is means of advancing your individual, family, or corporate mission and legacy through supporting those causes which you value the most.

A rough working definition of a private foundation is a:

  • Privately funded,
  • Privately controlled,
  • Enduring entity, and
  • Tax-exempt organization.

Here are some of the factors which often lead clients to consider establishing private foundations:

  • Where there is a particular cause which you highly value and want to assure that your legacy promotes;
  • If you want to engage your family members, children, heirs, or loved ones in working together to advance charitable causes and develop their own skills in asset management and philanthropy;
  • If you want to minimize estate taxes and limit or avoid tax liability on the transfer of certain assets.
  • If your business or corporation wants to promote your company’s relationships within the community, advance causes consistent with your corporate values, and enhance your businesses’ reputation as positive force in the community.

Watch a complete overview below.

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