On 8 April 2013, EIOPA published a discussion paper on 'Standard Formula Design and Calibration for Certain Long-term Investments'. This is part of EIOPA's ongoing Solvency II work, whereby it will assess the appropriateness of the calibration and design of Solvency II capital requirements. The paper sets out EIOPA's initial findings in relation to various types of long term investment. EIOPA did not identify a need for the proposed Solvency II calibrations/formulae relating to such investments to be changed. However, it pointed out that a lack of market data had prevented it from reaching more precise findings, and the paper raises questions in relation to which EIOPA is seeking input from stakeholders. Feedback (which must be provided in the form of a template published for this purpose) is invited by 28 May 2013. A final report is expected in July 2013.