The Business Software Alliance announced in a press release late last week that they are reorganizing the organization into two operating units: one on increasing its focus on software anti-piracy and the other on global advocacy around key emerging issues for the technology industry including privacy and security and intellectual property protection.

Regarding its increased concentration on combating software piracy, BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman said, “We also are expanding our focus as the industry’s premier anti-piracy organization, because new technology architectures in cloud and handheld computing are creating new challenges for protecting intellectual property”. We recommend companies prepare for the inevitable audit. To see if you are ready for a software audit, take this Audit Readiness Assessment:  

  • Does your organization conduct routine discovery on 100% of its desktops, laptops and servers?  
  • Can your organization conduct on short notice a complete reconciliation correlating all installed software to appropriate proofs of purchase?  
  • Has your organization implemented appropriate electronic controls to prevent unauthorized software-title proliferation?  
  • Has your organization implemented well defined processes for retaining and retrieving software licenses and invoice documents?  
  • Do you always obtain a confidentiality agreement from IT consultants and employees?

Companies that have effectively mitigated the risks of software audits can answer “yes” to the above questions. Being proactive can save headaches and expense.