With the entry into force of these regulations, both finances and electric services in the country will be strengthened.

Through the General Law of the Electric Industry, which entered into force on May 20, 2014, and its Regulations, which took effect last November 18, 2015, the purchase and sale of electric energy is regulated, leading to liberalize the energy market, enabling Honduras to buy or sell from or to any country in the region, with the purpose of obtaining better prices than those current.

Previously, the purchase of electric power was effective through Purchase and Sales Agreements between the Electric Power Generators and the National Company of Electric Power. Nowadays, with the entry into force of the General Law of the Electric Industry and its Regulations, the Regulatory Commission of the Electric Energy was created, and is now responsible for assessing the benchmark prices through a tender for the approval of the purchase of electric power.

This will reduce the operating cost of the National Company of Electric Power, which will help to strengthen the finances of the Company and transfer the benefits to all its users in the Country.