It is not new that offenders are using the Internet as an instrument for copyright infringement. The possibility of mass sharing work online made these violations increase exponentially, requiring ever more sophisticated tools and protection strategies. New Tech solutions are seen as a vital means to address this problem.

The issue is no different when it comes to computer games, where it is common to find games available online for illegal download. In response, gaming companies have started to develop their consoles in a way that implements technological locks, preventing the operation of illegally downloaded games.

However, new methods to circumvent such protection measures and to unlock the game consoles are being created, in clear violation of national and international copyright laws. Although there is no consolidated jurisprudence in Brazil on this subject, the legislation is clear on the illegality of such acts, providing legitimacy to plaintiff’s to take action against the offenders in the courts.

It is also possible to take extrajudicial action, by for example, sending notifications and mapping the commercialization of the devices on the Internet, to ground any possible complaints against the referred sellers in the specific marketplaces.

In addition, it is possible to collaborate with the relevant police authorities that focus on the repression of violations on the network (for example Cyber ​​Gaeco, the Brazilian Special Branch for the Repression of Organized Crime).