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Whistleblowing and self-reporting


Are whistleblowers protected in your jurisdiction?

Law 179/2017, which entered into force on December 29 2017, aims at protecting employees who report crimes (whistleblowers) – including corruption and bribery – and irregularities that occur in the workplace.

The new provisions on whistleblowing apply to both the public sector and all those private companies that have implemented an organisational model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001. The latter, in particular, will have to:

  • develop internal channels that allow employees to report potential misconducts within the work place;
  • guarantee their confidentiality; and
  • shield the whistleblowers against any retaliation or discrimination.


Is it common for leniency to be shown to organisations that self-report and/or cooperate with authorities? If so, what process must be followed?

No leniency programmes are envisaged by Italian regulations on bribery and corruption.

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