The government has been consulting on proposals which will give new powers to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to impose civil penalties of up to £500,000 on the directors of companies which breach the nuisance call rules. Currently, the ICO can only fine the companies (not the directors personally) and the effectiveness of its powers are often undermined where companies dissolve, re-emerge under a new name and thereby avoid paying the fine.

The consultation closed on 21 August 2018 and further announcements on the proposal are awaited.

Meanwhile, the government has shown its commitment to stopping those behind nuisance call companies by imposing directorship bans in the most serious cases. In June 2018, the Secretary of State imposed a 6 year ban on the director of a call company that had made around 16 million automated calls after the court ordered the company to close. The company was dissolved because it failed to pay a £260,000 fine issued by the ICO.