At the beginning of the 2018 legislative session, the West Virginia Legislature has proposed the following changes related to the statutes governing beer, craft beer and alcohol:

  • House Bill 2425 allows growler retailers to offer complementary 2 oz. samples for each patron, with a maximum of three such samples per day.
  • House Bill 2517 requires liability insurance coverage for beer and alcohol licensees, proposing that each have general liability coverage of $100,000.00 per occurrence and alcohol and/or beer liability coverage of $100,000.00 per occurrence.
  • House Bill 2563 proposes that brew pubs, Class A and B retailers, and private clubs be authorized to allow complementary samples of 2 oz. per patron of beer or craft beer within a maximum of 10 oz. of samples per day, and removes the sampling limitations imposed upon Class A retailers.
  • House Bill 2842 authorizes a temporary Class T license for test marketing foreign beers in the State of West Virginia for $100.00.
  • House Bill 2888 removes the restrictions imposed upon liquor licensees related to outdoor speakers and noise.
  • House Bill 3074 would authorize an increase in the maximum amount of alcohol by volume for beer and craft beer from 12% to 18%.
  • House Bill 2096 would authorize commercial airlines to sell certain alcoholic beverages without obtaining a license in West Virginia.
  • Senate Bill 101 would authorize a one-day special license for charitable events to be known as an S-1 licenses.If you have questions about compliance with federal or state alcohol regulations or the status of pending legislation, feel free to contact Charles M. Johnson,

Drafts of the proposed legislation and updates regarding the status of each particular bill can be found at