Car accidents can be caused or made worse by a defective part. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident and you suspect that it could be due to a defective part, speak to a personal injury lawyer immediately. Car owners expect their vehicles to keep them safe at all times. However, these automobiles comprise of hundreds of moving parts and something can fail when you least expect it causing dangerous results. Every year, car manufacturers recall millions of cars that are found to have manufacturing defects or faulty parts that can contribute to car crashes.

Even though most car accidents are caused by driver error, there are a number of situations where an automotive defect contributes immensely to the crash. Unfortunately, many drivers will rush to repair the car after an accident caused by an auto defect occurs, which hinders the success of their claim.

While drivers are required to maintain their cars appropriately, an accident caused by a defective part can be solely the manufacturer’s fault. Victims can file a product liability claim against the car manufacturer. We will go over some common car defects that can cause accidents.


Common car defects

Airbags that don’t deploy: If the cars airbags fail to deploy, the victim’s injuries can be made worse. It does not matter if you or someone else was at fault, the airbags not deploying can be considered as a defective part.

Airbags that deploy when they shouldn’t: Some car accidents occur because the airbags deployed when they shouldn’t have. This is not only an annoying experience but also risky as it can cause an obstruction that leads to an accident. It is dangerous for a car to have faulty airbags that deploy with a simple tap or no impact.

Airbags deploying too fast/with too much force: When this happens, it can result in serious injuries. The airbags are meant to minimize the impact of a car accident and not worsen the situation. If they deploy with too much force, they can cause serious bone injuries and sometimes death.

Seatbelts that unbuckle during an accident: During an accident, the seatbelt is supposed to remain intact in order to prevent the occupants of the car from being ejected through the windshield. If the seatbelt unlatches during an accident, it offers less protection and causes more serious injuries.

In adequate rollover protection: During a rollover crash, the car is designed to offer adequate protection. Features such as the roll bars can protect the people inside if the car rolls over.

Electrical system defects: These are often known to cause serious vehicle fires. If the electrical system is faulty, the car can spontaneously catch fire. This is usually some sign of a defect.

Sudden acceleration that’s not intended: This happens when the driver loses control of the car’s acceleration. This is a dangerous defect that can cause fatal accidents.

Brake failure: The brakes may fail unexpectedly. When this happens, it can cause a serious car accident.

Power steering failure: It’s possible to control the car even when the power steering fails. However, the sudden loss of control can come as a surprise and lead to an accident.

Tire failure: This can result in the loss of control of the vehicle leading to serious accidents.

There are many other vehicle defects that can cause serious accidents or worsen the victim’s injuries.  Since there are so many elements that go into building an automobile, there will be countless potential points of failure. Many of these defects can create dangerous road conditions. To find out if the vehicle defect is actionable, speak to a product liability lawyer.

If involved in an accident that was caused by an auto defect, it is important to gather all the evidence that will help support your claim. This includes pictures of the vehicle as well as any video footage you may have of the scene. Don’t be quick to repair the car until you have spoken to a lawyer regarding the incident. If possible, ensure the vehicle is stored in a secure location until the lawyer can further investigate and inspect it for defects.

Auto defect claims are complex and require skilled legal assistance to navigate successfully. When you come to our qualified and competent product liability lawyers, we will advise you on the next steps and ensure your rights are protected throughout this journey. We have handled numerous auto defective claims before and we guarantee a fast turnaround time and attention to detail in each case.