On 27 June 2016 a Boeing 777-312ER aircraft operated by Singapore Airlines as Flight SQ368 was scheduled to fly from Singapore to Italy. The aircraft experienced engine difficulties after take-off and the crew elected to turn back. After landing, a fire developed in the right hand engine. After the fire was brought under control the passengers disembarked.

Our international Aviation team, in conjunction with Wisner Law Firm in the US, has commenced court proceedings in Chicago, Illinois, against the aircraft manufacturer (Boeing) and the engine manufacturer (General Electric), drawing from extensive experience in previous airline incidents involving emergency landings and evacuations. Such experience includes British Airways Flight 38 at Heathrow in 2008, Lot Flight 16 at Warsaw in 2011, British Airways Flight 7762 at Las Vegas in 2015 and Emirates Flight EK521 at Dubai in 2016.