Australian Taxation Office

New or updated materials on ATO website, including:

  • TD 2015/18 - for purposes of the Division 7A deemed dividend rules, the lodgment day of a private company that is a subsidiary member of a consolidated group is the lodgment day of the head company of the consolidated group
  • TD 2015/19 - amount received by a retiring partner representing their individual interest in the net income of the partnership for an income year is assessable
  • GSTD 2015/2 - a “destination outside the indirect tax zone” for the purposes of item 1(a) and item 4 of s38-355(1) of the GST Act is a specific physical location stopped at by the ship where that location is objectively significant to the passenger when the transport is purchased having regard to all the facts and circumstances
  • Erratum to GSTD 2012/2: Goods and services tax: what are the goods and services tax consequences following the sale of commercial premises that are subject to a lease?
  • Private health insurance rebate and Medicare levy surcharge
  • Updated: PS LA Program, as at 7 October 2015
  • Infrastructure and Privatisation: The ATO has publicly released its draft guidance paper on negative control and the application of Division 6C on its Let's Talk website. Submission on the guidance paper can be made by 31 October 2015.

Data matching

The Commissioner of Taxation has provided notice in the gazette of new data matching programs in relation to ride sourcing arrangements and online selling.

Multinational tax avoidance and BEPS

The Treasurer and Commissioner of Taxation held a joint press conference yesterday on the activities already underway in Australia to deal with issues highlighted in the OECD's BEPS Action Plan. In relation to the proposed new multinational tax avoidance legislation, the Commissioner stated that the ATO will be "entering discussions with around 80 multinational enterprises who will be potentially affected by that".

GST and cross-border transactions

Treasury has released a second exposure draft legislation and regulations on the Government's integrity measure to extend the GST to imported digital products and other services. The exposure draft also seeks comments on provisions to give effect to the announced but previously unenacted measure relating to GST cross-border transactions and the ‘connected with Australia’ rules. Submissions can be made until Wednesday 21 October 2015.

Tax Reform

The Productivity Commission has released a working paper, Tax and Transfer Incidence in Australia, which looks at how Australia's tax and transfer system functions to distribute income across the population and over lifetimes.