As we reported in our previous Client Update, the Facebook Messenger platform was launched approximately two months ago, and has already altered, to a substantial extent, the bot app landscape. As a result of the continual feedback from developers, Facebook has released a new blog for Messenger platform developers, and in addition, has recently announced in a post that it is adding new tools and features to its Messenger platform, an application where advertisers can create chat bots for use on Facebook Messenger.

The features that are being offered are as follows:

  • Ratings: Developers can be given ratings feedback in the form of a star in order that they can improve their app. Those star ratings will only be seen by the developers themselves via email, or in the bot dashboard;
  • Quick replies: These will consist of up to 10 dynamic buttons that align with messages that assist in the automation of the conversation;
  • Persistent menu: Navigation with bots supports up to 5 actions, eliminating the necessity for people to remember text commands and ensuring consistency;
  • Account linking: Companies can link their customers’ accounts with Messenger accounts by opt- in only;
  • Content: The updated Messenger platform supports new content types, such as audio, video, images and files. All multimedia play natively within the app; and
  • Mute control: Users will be able to mute bots as with regular conversations with friends.