Twitter has issued new guidelines regarding the use of its name, trademark, and intellectual property. Under Twitter's new guidelines, companies may promote their own Twitter pages by using the phrase "Follow us on Twitter" or "Follow us on [approved Twitter logo]." Companies may not integrate the Twitter logo into their own logos, nor may companies create their own Twitter logos or in any way manipulate the approved Twitter logos. When referring to Twitter, the name should be used in its entirety, and "Tweets" should be used to refer to messages on Twitter. Screenshots of third party's Twitter pages cannot be used without permission from the third party. Finally, when asking consumers to "Tweet," you must include a reference to Twitter or display the Twitter trademarks in connection with the use of "Tweet." For example, if asking a consumer to send a "Tweet" to enter, the call to action may be phrased "Tweet with Twitter" to enter. Most significantly, Twitter has stated that it considers not only the Twitter name and logos to be trademarks, but the term "Tweet" as well. As such, ensure that when using "Tweet" the appropriate reference to Twitter is made.

TIP: Advertisers looking to incorporate Twitter into their advertising or promotional materials should ensure that they are in compliance with Twitter's guidelines on use of its name and intellectual property.