As part of its National Cyber Security Programme, the government has launched a new free online training course to help members of the legal and accountancy professions develop the skills they need to protect themselves and their clients from cyber-attacks.

The course takes approximately one hour and is available here

The purpose of the course is to increase awareness of common cyber risks and threats that professional services firms may experience both in the workplace and working offsite and on the move. This will help professional services firms to protect both their and their client's confidential information.

Though mainly common sense, the course also gives information about useful schemes for protecting confidential information, for example, the Cyber Essential Scheme, a government backed scheme to guide businesses in protecting themselves against cyber threats. 

The course has been developed by the government in partnership with the Law Society, the ICAEW and the SRA. Martyn Jones, Immediate Past President of ICAEW said:

"ICAEW is committed to helping companies develop robust cyber security processes and has been working with and supporting government initiatives in this area for the last two years. Cyber security threats are a tremendous potential risk to business, in particular small and medium sized companies."

"Much of the risk centres on behaviour and ensuring employees do the right thing. The training will help accountants become more knowledgeable and confident to support their clients in reducing risks and increasing their cyber hygiene."