The central government of China issued a blueprint for the future development of China's photovoltaic industry in July entitled the Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting A Healthy Development of the Photovoltaic Industry (the "Opinions"). The Opinions call for an annual growth of 10 million kw installed capacity for the photovoltaic power generation with a target of 35 million kw total installed capacity by 2015. The Opinions also promote mergers and acquisitions and restructuring activities to develop a batch of leading photovoltaic companies with strong competitiveness, eliminate inefficient capacity, and encourage innovation and upgrade of the industry. To ensure the accomplishment of the goals, the Opinions have set up a series of subsidy measures for Chinese photovoltaic companies, including monthly subsidies for on-grid power tariff and power generation, tax incentives and credit support for high-quality companies, research and development activities, merger and acquisition and restructuring activities, and land for power generation projects.