U.S. v. Lang (E.D.N.Y.) is an action naming as defendant William Lang, president of Harbor Funding Group, Inc. and Joseph Pascua, the president of Black Sand Mine, Inc. The indictment charges each defendant with conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud and securities and wire fraud. It is based on two alleged schemes. One is an advance fee scheme in which the defendants told land developers who had clients seeking to build houses in regions affected by Hurricane Katrina that Harbor Funding had funds to lend in return for the payment of an advance fee. About $9 million was raised from 300 individuals. In fact the defendants did not have the funds to lend but kept the fees. In the second the defendants induced investors to invest in Black Sand Mine claiming it was starting to mine gold and other precious metals on Sitkinak Island in Alaska. The marketing was done through webinars and in person presentations. The representations were fraudulent.