ATTENTION, employers in New York! In January, Anjie Cabrera and Stephen Stecker did a comprehensive report on a number of new laws that had recently taken effect or would soon be taking effect in New York State and New York City. Among those was a New York State regulation that was due to take effect March 7, which imposed restrictions on payment of wages by direct deposit or payroll debit card. That regulation has now been revoked. Stephen has the follow-up here.

Have I mentioned lately that the February edition of ConstangyTV’s Close-Up on Workplace Law is now available? Our hostess with the mostess Leigh Tyson interviews Susan Bassford Wilson, co-chair of our e-Law Practice Group, about “Bring Your Own Device” policies, the risks associated with the policies, and what employers can do. To save you the trouble of scrolling down or following a link, I’ll give it to you here:

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