According to the last survey of the Spanish Center for Sociological Research ("CIS"), the concern related to data protection issues has risen among Spaniards in the last months, especially in relation to the data processing operations carried out by social networks.

The concern about the protection of personal data increases in Spain.

According to the latest survey of the Spanish Center for Sociological Research ("CIS") published on March 7th, 2017, around 75% of the Spaniards are concerned about the protection of their personal data and the possible use of such personal data by third parties. More than 38% of respondents said that they are very concerned about this issue, while 37% of the respondents stated that they are quite concerned about this issue. The percentage of Spaniards that are concerned about the advance of science and technology reaches 63%.

The survey also reflects how one of every five Spaniards (21.2%) has regretted at a certain moment having posted a comment, photo or video on a social network and 8.8% of them have some kind of trouble as a consequence of doing so.

On the other hand, 96.9% of the respondents agree or almost agree with the need for social networks to request the authorization of the user before disclosing their personal data to third parties.

Furthermore, the survey shows that 92.4% of the respondents believe that social networks should not change privacy policies without obtaining the consent of users. However, 61.8% never or rarely read the privacy policies of the webpages they visit. Only the 14.6% of the users say they do it always or almost always.