The International Association of Insurance Law (AIDA) will hold a conference in Santa Cruz, on 16 and 17 July 2009. The conference has been organised in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz.

Eminent jurists will attend and participate in the conference, such as the president of AIDA, Mr Carlos Ignacio Jaramillo, former magistrate of the Colombian Supreme Court.

The program will have two areas. The first area will include conferences about new tendencies in insurance law, environmental liability and D&O insurance. The second part of the program will be an international colloquium about insuring social risks (strikes, vandalism, sabotage, etc.) and terrorism. The focus will be on analysing the extend of coverage in different countries and the experience in the region during the last decade. The colloquium will be moderated by Dr. Jaime Alfredo Ponce García, the initial speech will be given by Mr. Guillermo Aponte Reyes and the Bolivian experience will be explained by Dr. Sandra Ramírez Bernal.

The content of the conference and the attractiveness of Santa Cruz will surely make this conference a memorable experience.